Food/Feed Safety Policy

ALL NATURAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC is committed to be at the forefront of innovation in producing high-value oleochemicals.  We prioritize customer safety, foster a robust food/feed safety culture, and are dedicated to continuous improvement within our organization through the following priority areas:

• Ensure high-quality oleochemical products that meet food safety standards throughout the production process, and gain trust;

• Optimize production for sustainability, reducing waste, and maintaining product integrity and safety;

• Innovate to meet evolving customer needs, introducing safe, high-quality products, and reinforcing our industry leadership;

• Train and empower our workforce to maintain the highest food/feed safety standards, ensuring consistent product quality and product safety.

We are committed to continuously improving our food/feed safety management system through regular reviews and learning. This policy is implemented at all organizational levels, with every employee responsible for upholding it and contributing to our food/feed safety objectives. 

Revision 2,  Effective date : 06-01-2023


ALL NATURAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC. is firmly committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We recognize the environmental impact of our operations and are dedicated to managing them in a responsible manner. 

ALL NATURAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC. commits and adheres to the following: 

1. Comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.

2. Identify and minimize significant environmental impacts of our activities, products, and services through systematic assessments and control measures.

3. Promote resource conservation programs and implement measures to reduce consumption and minimize waste generation.

4. Prevent pollution by adopting sustainable practices, employing eco-friendly technologies, and implementing waste reduction initiatives.

5. Engage with our stakeholders to understand their environmental concerns and expectations.

6. Provide training and raise awareness among our employees regarding their roles and responsibilities in environmental management.

7. Be dedicated to the principle of continual improvement through regular reviews of our environmental management system, objectives, and targets to ensure their suitability and effectiveness.

Through these commitments, ALL NATURAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC. strives to maintain environmental excellence, uphold our responsibilities to the environment, and contribute positively to the well-being of our community and future generations. 

Revision 2,  Effective date : 06-01-2023

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Experience to be trusted

We aim to be at the forefront of innovation for the global food and healthcare industries producing pure and fully-pressed coconut oil oleochemicals.


A high value producer at the forefront of innovation for the global food and healthcare industries producing only pure, full pressed coconut oil oleochemicals 

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We help create healthier communities worldwide using our all-natural coconut oil-based products.

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Core Values

Client focus                








Working tirelessly to achieve desired outcome

Organized systems focused on providing safe and high quality products – from raw materials to our client’s table.


From extraction from the kernel of coconuts to producing refined, bleached and deodorized oil which serves as raw Materials.


Coconut oil refining, fat splitting, pure cut fatty acid distillation, USP glycerin refining, reactions and post refining to produce monolaurin and medium chain triglycerides, ensuring the highest quality throughout the process.

Launch Project

Ensuring that products delivered are of the best quality – going through rigorous processes, certification requirements and other regulations to exceed customer expectation.


Our family has been involved in the coconut industry for decades.  Starting as the conduit between the farmers and the oil processors, then eventually taking the initiative, building our own coconut processing and refining plants.  However, we were never complacent as we constantly searched for paths to grow and stay relevant to changing times.  The breakthrough came when health experts finally began noticing the health benefits derived from Coconut products like Coconut Oil.  Further studies revealed that a major component, inherent in coconut, was responsible: “LAURIC ACID”.  Naturally, we devoted our time and resources researching how best to involve ourselves in “SPREADING THE HEALTH”.  We figured out that by designing a process whereby we isolate the main component, it becomes easily accessible for application in different products.  With this newfound information, a decision was made and a new company was brought into the world.


     On November 14, 2017, ALL NATURAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC. (ANC), was incorporated with the goal of producing fatty acid products using 100% pure coconut oil as the raw material.  As we embark on this journey, ANC will strive to be the leading producer and supplier of organically certified MCT and fatty acid products, and at the same time committing to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable company.


     As proof of these goals, we have already been awarded by the Bureau of Investments (BOI) with a pioneer status in the industry.  Meaning that, they believe in our project and willing to work hand in hand with us to convert into reality everyone’s wish of a greener and healthier planet.

Reynald C. Uy

Chairman of the Board

Our people and community

ANC advocates high quality organic products derived from coconut, “The tree of life”, using advanced engineering and technologies. It promotes employment, economic growth and wider opportunities within the coconut industry. Here at ANC, we grow together for a great future ahead.

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