C18 Oleic Acid

18-carbon fatty acid with one degree of unsaturation; slightly yellowish appearance and odorless. Emulsifier for personal care products. Emulsifying and stabilizing agent on textiles. Accelerator on rubber materials.


Proudly Made in the Philippines

Raw Material Used: refined bleached deodorized (RBD) coconut oil.
Process Used: fat splitting – break down of fat and oil to produce glycerine and fatty acid, fractional distillation – separation of fatty acid mixtures into individual components (one of which is Oleic Acid) by heating.
Form: waxy solid
Color: light-yellow
Additives: none
% Moisture Content: < 0.2%

Organic Certified: ✓

Product Uses:                                                                                                     

Emulsifying agent, emollient, inducing of lung damage.



We partner with brands and leaders of the industry, providing them with premium, pristine, and natural oleochemical products, such as MCT, fatty acids, and glycerin.

The industries that we cater to are involved in food, personal care and healthcare, among others. With our state-of-the-art facility and up-to-date technologies, we are chosen by international distributers, companies, and manufacturers because of our emphasis and sustainability, quality and healthier alternatives, and collaborative brand effort and support.


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One of the most well-known olive oil benefits is its ability to boost cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure. Studies demonstrate that hypotensive effects of olive oil is caused by its high oleic acid content. Scientists have found that when compared with other kinds of high healthy-fat diets, an oleic-rich diet has equal cholesterol-lowing effects, while also maintaining HDL cholesterol levels and reducing triglycerides.

Source: Oleic Acid Uses, Benefits, Foods, Oils and More – Dr. Axe (draxe.com)


Oleic Acid

  • 18-carbon fatty acid with one degree of unsaturation; slightly yellowish appearance and odorless
  • Emulsifier for personal care products
  • Emulsifying and stabilizing agent on textiles
  • Accelerator on rubber materials

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