The sports festival at All Natural Coco Products Inc. marked a moment of camaraderie and spirited competition as employees and their third-party agency came together to partake in a day of athletic enthusiasm. This inclusive event featured a diverse range of activities tailored to suit everyone’s interests.

For the male participants, an intense basketball tournament unfolded, showcasing the prowess and teamwork of Team Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Grey, and White. Meanwhile, the female employees and third-party agency employees exhibited their skills on the volleyball court, engaging in exhilarating matches that exemplified both sportsmanship and determination. Adding a touch of nostalgic fun, the Larong Pinoy games united all participants, transcending age and background, in a joyful medley of traditional Filipino games.

This first-of-its-kind sports fest not only promoted physical well-being but also fostered a sense of unity and cooperation among ANC’s workforce, leaving an indelible mark on the company’s culture.

ANC Team Chant

Sports Fest 2023

“Sports Fest 2023: Unleash Your Inner Champion!”

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Teams from all walks of life come together to present their own unique and captivating chants, infusing a sense of camaraderie and identity into their group dynamic. These chants serve as vocal expressions of unity and enthusiasm. With each chant, a team unveils a piece of their collective soul, capturing the essence of their purpose and aspirations. The melodies and rhythms, often passed down through generations, forge an unbreakable bond among team members and evoke a strong emotional response from those who witness them. These chants not only motivate and energize the team but also connect them to a rich tradition, fostering a sense of belonging and pride that extends far beyond the surface.

Team Red

Team Green

Team Blue

Team Brown

Team Grey

Team White


Basketball Game

“Intense showdown on the court as players leap for a rebound, capturing the dynamic energy of a basketball game in full swing.”

Volleyball Game

“Mid-air battle: Two players reaching high to spike the ball over the net in a thrilling volleyball match.”

Larong Pinoy

“Vibrant and joyful, the Larong Pinoy picture captures the essence of traditional Filipino street games. Children immersed in games like caterpillar game, sack race, and bakya race evoke a sense of nostalgia, embodying the spirit of community and play that transcends generations.”